Vibrante was born in 2023, but our history traces back to 2012 with Abella & Valencia, the international consulting firm that our director co-founded. After nearly a decade and three Napolitans Victory Awards won, it evolved into what we are today and what we are proud to be: a firm commitment to driving positive change in our societies through the power of communication. A boutique agency that handles each project with great care without losing our global vision


Daniela S. Valencia

Managing Director

Bachelor of Communication Sciences from the National Autonomous University of
Mexico (UNAM), graduating with honors. Master’s in Women’s, Gender, and Citizenship
Studies from the University of Barcelona. Her Master’s Thesis, titled ‘Government
Narratives about Care,’ was the first runner-up in the fourth edition of the Rosalind
Franklin Awards for the best theses with a gender perspective.

Winner of two Napolitan Victory Awards in the categories of Emerging Leader (2017)
and Revelation Consultant (2020). Alongside her team, she also received an award for
the best NGO spot of the year (2020).

Member of the Political Communication Association (ACOP). In 2021, the Washington
COMPOL magazine included her in its list of the 100 most influential Spanish-speaking
political communication professionals. She was an instructor in the “Women in Politics
and Government” diploma program at the Institute of Public Administration of the State
of Mexico for three generations and currently teaches in the “Equality Agent between
Women and Men” Master’s program at the University of Murcia.

She contributes to media outlets in different countries as a columnist and analyst. In her
leisure time, she organizes Beers and Politics meetings in Murcia, the city where she
presently resides. Her most powerful drive is the smile of her son.

Rosaura Landeros

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer graduated from the Latin American University with fifteen years of
experience working on campaigns across LATAM, Canada, USA, Spain, Jordan, Nigeria,
Kenya, and Somalia. Her professional immersion in diverse cultural contexts has
enriched her vision in the graphic world. She has experience as a mentor in creative
development for new entrepreneurs. She believes in design as a powerful tool to
promote equality, considering we are a visual society.

In 2020, alongside her team, she won a Napolitan Victory award for the spot of the year
and received three more nominations for Branding of the Year, Audiovisual Campaign
of the Year, and NGO Campaign of the Year.

She is an animal lover who enjoys traveling, music, podcasts, and good pasta.

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